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Decades of experience in development & manufacturing moulded non metallic pumps have
paved way for PFA/FEP lined pumps designed as per ISO 2858 standard.
Linings made of PFA / FEP are an excellent alternative to high alloy, expensive metal pumps
thus justifies ANTICO design philosophy to design pumps that are simple rugged and reliable
using the most appropriate materials. PFA is a copolymer of Tetrafluorethylene and
Perfluoroalkoxyethylene. PFA stands for Perfluoalkoxy and has temperature resistance
upto 200° Celcius.
FEP is a copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene and Hexafluoroethylene. FEP stands for Fluorinated
Ethylene Propylene and has temperature resistance up to 180° Celcius.
PFA / FEP is justifiably material of choice as compared to PTFE due to several advantages.
PFA / FEP is processed in a transfer moulding operation as a result, the lining wall thickness can
be accurately defined and reproduced.
PFA / FEP is almost transparent and therefore permits much more reliable quality control.
PFA / FEP has dense molecular structure hence has much lower permeation rates than PTFE with
the same wall thickness but it has the same chemical resistance properties.
Application: KNS series are best suited for pumping corrosive & toxic air pollutants; typically used
in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Design Features
Backplate : Lined with thick walled PFA/FEP. Minimum lining thickness of 6 mm,
lining locked by multiple locking grooves.
Outer body graded cast iron as per ASTM standard,other materials like cast steel / stainless steel available
on request.
Volute Casing : Top centreline discharge, self venting ,volute casing lined with PFA/FEP. Minimum
liningthickness of 6 mm, lining locked by multiple locking grooves. Outer body graded cast iron as per ASTM standard,
other materials like cast steel / stainless steel available on request.
Sleeve:  Shaft Sleeve of different material ,depending on the compatibility of the liquid to be handled.
Impeller: All impellers are precision moulded in PFA/FEP, light in weight, semi open construction, with large contoured flow
passages for maximum handling of the liquid
Mechanical Seal:  Available in single or double seal arrangements with wide variety of seal faces.
Bearing Frame : Heavy Cast Iron construction, precision machined for no shaft deflection of more than 0.05 mm, contains large oil reservoir.
Ball Bearings: Inboard bearing is pressed on shaft and free to float axially in frame - carries radialload only. Outboard double row ball bearing is shouldered and locked on shaft with lock-nut and washer, in bearing housing - carries radial and any unbalanced thrust
load. All bearing fits are precision bored.
Shaft: Designed for maximum 0.05 mm deflection at mechanical seal. Available in EN / Stainless Steel.

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